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What is Industrial Mezzanine for Warehouses

What is Industrial Mezzanine

If you’re searching for “what is industrial mezzanine for warehouses” you’re probably trying to understand the importance of investing in a mezzanine. At Custom Material Handling, we understand the numerous benefits of mezzanines, but if you haven’t purchased one before, it could be a complicated first time choice.

Industrial Mezzanine: What is it?

An industrial mezzanine floor system is an elevated storage platform for a warehouse that is installed between the floor and the ceiling. Commonly, these steel structures are free-standing and can be dismantled and moved easily. Industrial mezzanines are usually composed of stainless steel or carbon. The flooring will vary based upon your specific use, but it is often made of steel, wood product finished floor or b-decking. Mezzanines can also be designed to make room for concrete flooring surfaces.

Mezzanine systems in a warehouse atmosphere are an effective way to increase work or storage space by allowing you to make the most of the unused vertical space that is already in your facility. After the mezzanine is installed, the space underneath it is also available and can be used for storage or other purposes.  There are a few different types of mezzanines to choose from, such as integrated or freestanding but steel structural are usually the most common in a warehouse environment.This new level provides you with more storage or even office space, without taking up any additional room. Some mezzanines come with industrial powder coating paint to ensure a durable, corrosion resistant, and long lasting finish. In addition, mezzanines can support modular offices and shipping areas which demand regular wear and tear use.

Some Benefits of Using a Mezzanine in Your Warehouse

Easily Moved

A mezzanine can be disassembled and relocated to conform to your ever changing needs.

Increased Space

By building up instead of out with a storage mezzanine, you can create additional work or storage space to reduce disorder.

Cost Effectiveness

Mezzanines are less expensive than new construction and can save you from the costs of relocation.

Storage is Not an Issue

If you’ve been in your facility for any length of time, you know how much of a challenge keeping up with space demands can be. You can add a great amount of space with a mezzanine.

Additional Work Space

In addition to adding extra storage, having a mezzanine increases your businesses overall floor space.

Industrial Mezzanines For Sale in Phoenix

If you’re looking for a flexible, generally painless and cost-effective solution to your storage woes, you should definitely consider a mezzanine.  The different applications in which it can be used are vast.Custom Material Handling offers Valley wide industrial mezzanine storage solutions in Phoenix Arizona. We can help choose the best mezzanine for your warehouse storage needs. If you need to have questions about what Custom Material Handling can do for you, please call 480-829-7232.

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