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Warehouse Storage Space Utilization Optimization & Organization

Maximizing Warehouse Storage Space

If you are looking for warehouse storage space optimization techniques, how to maximize warehouse storage space, or how to organize a warehouse, this post should help! One of the first and hardest things to address is if you can reduce space used, by focusing on your inventories age and liquidating your overstock. Here are some examples to help you maximize your warehouse storage space. Maximizing your warehouse storage space not only saves your inventory from getting overstocked but also will save you time and money in the long run.

Where To Start

Measure your storage outline in terms of your capacity and usage. Completely understand the flow and utilization of your current layout, including your rack configuration, slotting/pick reasoning, receiving, put away, replenishment, inventory management, packing and shipping. Include peak trends throughout the year and a thorough volume review of incoming and outgoing product flow.

Utilize Your Vertical Space

Take a look up and make sure you are using all the vertical space available to you. Examine storage media to use all of your clear span height. How much cubic feet of upwards space is not being utilized? Make sure you know how your design may impact fire code and sprinkler system.

Evaluate Your Department Space

Determine functions that don’t need high ceilings in areas where lower stacking heights are determined by the clear height. Often there is unused overhead space where larger departments like packing and shipping are carried out.

Consolidate Locations

If you have numerous locations for storing the same item, think about combining them to create improved warehouse space use. This can be accomplished during the putaway process and as an independent function.

Size Your Slots Correctly

Pair the sales and size of the item to the correct sized pick slot to improve the use of the picking slot cube. Having different sizes of picking slots can expedite this process. The same logic can apply to locations where you store overstock or reserves.

Use Off-Site Location for Overstock

If you store larger quantities of inventory for a couple of items, think about some sort of offsite storage for the excess, freeing up space for supporting the completed operation.

Drop Shipping Is Always An Option

If you ship and store larger items, think about utilizing some type of drop shipping to decrease your in-house costs and inventory.

Wide Aisle Spans

How wide are your warehouses aisles? Try designing the minimum width needed to match material handling equipment used without adjusting operating efficiency.

Cross Docking

If you can, consider cross docking large releases of back orders or single orders to decrease the amount of inventory needing storage locations.

Utilization of Your Building

Be sure to study your building to decide how it can best be utilized from a space viewpoint. Think about clear stacking height, the spacing between columns, building hinderances and overall process flow. Try to match vertical space requirements with your buildings features.

Depth of Storage

Be sure to check the effective use of the height locations but also the depth of storage; for example, think about double-depth racking.

Supply Storage

If you need to store supplies or packing materials, try to manage your inventory to prevent overstocks. See if one of your suppliers can keep some inventory off-site for you.

Warehouse Storage Solutions In Phoenix

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