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Cantilever Racking The Definition And Guidelines For Equipment Cantilevers are defined as being a beam that is anchored at one end. The load is then helped by an arm that will transfer the load to the supporting upright base/beam. Cantilever Racking Applications: Cantilever Racking is normally used to storage of over-sized, long, bulky loads like plasterboard, piping, PVC carpet, steel trusses and timber. Components of Cantilever Racking: Upright: These are vertical beams that support the arms. Base: The uprights are connected to these and most commonly bolted down which provides support and stability for uprights to bear the loads. Arms: Racking arms are the horizontal beams that will support the load when it is stored. They are normally set at various angles depending on the requirements for storage. Braces: These connect as well as support the upright, which creates [...]
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