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Smart Storage Helps Phoenix Businesses Grow

Smart Storage Helps Phoenix Businesses Grow

Just about everyone has went out to buy something and found out that what they need is out of stock. While this can be a problem with planning or a supply chain, it can also be due to poor warehouse storage. Utilizing smart storage helps Phoenix businesses grow. By applying organized, safe, and intelligent design insures you have sufficient inventory for your customers.

Organized Material Storage

Storage isn’t just about having a place to put everything. It is about having a system that provides a system for order fillers to find the items people have bought or ordered. Internal supply of resources are also kept in these storage systems. Knowing where each part or item that goes into the construction or maintenance of our operations is critical for having a well oiled business that just gets the job done. Efficiency is lost when hours are spent trying to find fasteners, or when employees can’t remember where they put that order of microwaves. Customers who have air conditioners that aren’t running aren’t thrilled when it takes technicians too much time to go back to find parts.

Safe Material Storage

Inventory shrinkage is a fact of business, shoplifting and accidents happen. Investing in and maintaining quality storage solutions helps ensure that your products or materials have a safe place to sit while they are waiting to be purchased. When shelving or rack systems are not in good repair, or are just poor quality, shelves can fail and parts or products can be damaged. This directly cuts into the bottom line and is a potential nightmare with potential injuries and liability.

Sufficient Inventory

Every business in the world is out to make money. To do so, we need to sell or produce whatever it is we are in business for. Everyone wants to sell as much as they can of their materials and products, but no one wants to sell out and have frustrated customers who find alternatives elsewhere. Consumers are typically fickle and somewhat impatient. Being able to capitalize on a visit with having whatever they are wanting to buy on your shelf and waiting, is a sure fire way to win in the retail business.

Intelligent Storage Design

Simply having a place where you know items belong is a big step forward for businesses. However for high volume or busy warehouses additional steps can be take to get the most out of the warehouse operations. Popular or highly utilized materials or products can be kept near each other so pickers can get the majority of the items in one spot. This saves on the back and forth travel time entering and exiting rows. Even in smaller warehouse applications frequently used items or popular products can be kept near the floor. This improves response time and improves the efficiency of the warehouse as a whole.

Smart Storage Solutions Phoenix

Custom Material Handling has  storage solutions for every type of business, in every type of industry. From used shelving for raw materials, to racks and shelves used for order fulfillment. We can help businesses in Phoenix get the most out of their warehouses by offering excellent storage solutions. Consult with one of our highly experienced storage specialists to learn more about how effective storage solutions can be implemented in your warehouse. Give  Custom Material Handling a call today at 480-829-7232 and see what we can do for you.

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