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New Pallet Racking vs Used Pallet Racking

new pallets vs used pallets

Are you searching for “new pallet racking vs used pallet racking?” There are many of factors to think about when pallet shopping for used or new pallet racks. This post explains some of the variations between the two and should help you make your decision. A lot of warehouses will often choose to use a pallet racking system that will help to get the most out of their storage space that is available.

New Pallets vs Used Pallets

One of the first rules of business is to actively meet the needs of your customers, as this is critical for any business to have success. In order to do that, your company needs adequate storage space to hold all its goods and guarantee they are readily available for sale and shipment.

New Pallet Racking

One advantage of buying a new pallet racking system is the capability to customize your new racking system. If your company has an odd shaped warehouse or barricades that would be difficult to work around, customizing the racking system is usually the best choice.

Purchasing new pallet racking, comes guaranteed hardiness durability. New racking is reliable and comes complete with a manufacturer’s warranty. If you are storing heavy loads and need a durable racking system, spending a little more is definitely worth it.

One other benefit of buying new pallet racking as opposed to used racking is the fresh and new look. Where the location of your pallet racking and predetermined purpose for them, the way they look may be something to think about. If you want your pallet racking to look pleasing, new racking is the way to go.

Used Pallet Racking

The best reason for buying used pallet racking is indisputable, they are more cost efficient. If your company is on a strict budget, you can complete your racking needs at a fraction of the cost by choosing used equipment.

Another thing to consider when choosing to purchase new or used pallet racking is the time it takes to deliver them. Used racking is usually available in-stock and ready for almost immediate delivery. A newer racking system, if not in-stock, could take up to a number of weeks to get to your facility, more so if your project calls for modification.

If you aren’t really worried about the aesthetic appeal of the pallets, save yourself some money and get used pallet racking. Even with a couple scratches and paint chips, used racking can still get your project done.

It is really important to note that used racking will not come with any type warranty. If you are looking for hardiness and trustworthiness, buying used racking could be somewhat dodgy. Despite the fact used racking is usually in pretty good shape, there’s no guarantee on how long they will last, and in many instances used racking will be sold as is. Finding out where the used racking came from and what it was formerly used for can help you make a decision on its condition before you decide to buy.

New & Used Pallet Racks For Sale Phoenix

If you have a business in the Phoenix area and need better storage for your warehouse pallet racks can make your life safer and easier. Custom Material Handling  offers both new pallet racks and used pallet racks.  Every pallet we sell has been inspected for safety. To get started on purchasing your used or new pallet racks call us at 480-829-7232 today.

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