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Industrial Shelving Phoenix

Industrial Shelving Phoenix

For companies that have a need to store raw materials, components, parts, supplies, and completed projects industrial shelving is the way items are kept safe. Various types and configurations of industrial shelving exist to meet the demands of a variety of industries. Knowing what your needs are and customizing your warehouse with the right type of shelving keeps things more organized, cuts down on shrink, and can increase productivity.

Types Of Industrial Shelving

The type of industrial shelving you should choose depends on the size, weight, and type of items you need to store. Care should be taken in choosing your shelving options as the productivity of your staff depends on the organization of your shelving. There are a couple of different options you have, each of which will have its pros and cons. You can decrease clutter, take advantage of your warehouse space, and increase worker production by investing in industrial shelving

Pallet Rack Shelving

Warehouses that empty and process their shipments with forklifts benefit greatly from having pallet rack shelving. Forklifts are able to drive directly out of transport containers and to designated storage areas to immediately store the pallets until needed. This saves an incredible amount of time for high volume warehouses that are distribution centers for multiple locations. Pallets are recorded to specific locations in inventory control systems and are broken down when the items are needed. This type of shelving allows for many configurations depending on the needs of specific industries and can be customized to allow for double pallets and even cantilever type racks.

Steel Shelving

One of the most popular options for industrial shelving is steel shelving. It can come in open and closed options. Open shelving means that there are no sides or back to the shelves. Closed shelving means there are sides and a back to prevent items from falling. Open shelving offers a maximum level of organization for warehouses as both sides of the shelving can be used to organized parts, supplies, and products. This is a very popular option for stock rooms, warehouses, offices, workshops, storage facilities and even residential applications.

Boltless Shelving

A lot of metal storage systems use nuts and bolts to make the connections between the metal pieces. Welding is rare in storage solutions as the structures might need to be disassembled and moved. Boltless shelving is a very common and strong solution for storage. Side rails are slotted with openings every couple of inches to provide maximum customization. This means that the shelving pieces can be set in at exactly the height the warehouse needs. Taller and heavier items can be kept near the floor and the lighter and smaller items can be kept higher up. These shelves attach with circular protrusions that slot into and lock into the side rail openings. They are made of heavy gauge welds and can support a wide range of weights depending on individual ratings.

Mezzanine Platform Shelving

These shelving types are used to provide another surface above work areas for storage. They free up floor space for assembly or additional storage. They are build as rack supported surfaces and can be single or even multi-layer designs. Many of these systems are paired with conveyor belts to help speed the transfer of products to the mezzanine. Mezzanine platform shelving can keep you from outgrowing your warehouse before you’re ready to move or construct a larger building.

Gravity Carton Flow Shelving

Warehouses that have a high flow of products that have to be restocked often, can benefit greatly from gravity carton flow shelving. It works on the principle of first in, first out stock rotation (FIFO). This is especially beneficial if your products are of a perishable nature and older stock needs to be used first to prevent loss. The shelving slopes downward from the back to the front so the oldest stock is always in the front where order fulfillment is being done. These types of shelving have rollers on them for ease of FIFO.

New & Used Industrial Shelving Phoenix

If you have a new warehouse you are setting up, need more storage, or need to replace your Industrial Shelving, Custom Material Handing of Phoenix has you covered with a full selection of industrial shelving solutions. Give us a call and we can go over your industry, needs, and find the best options to affordably outfit your warehouse with the shelving you need. Call us today at 480-829-7232.

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