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Are you searching for “Boltless shelving Arizona“? If so Custom Material Handling has everything you need to get started or add more storage to your facility. Boltless Shelving is another option that we have available that can greatly add to the versatility of any facility. Boltless shelving is very customizable and can truly be deployed to better utilize any available space within a warehouse or storage space. Strong, and easily assembled, boltless shelves truly augment any operation by keeping frequently used components accessible without the use of heavy equipment or lost time used for retrieval. Enhancing the organizational capabilities of a facility can go a long way in streamlining the every day processes involved in the operation of the business. This will lead to greater efficiency which will lead to greater profits.

Upgrading your facilities is an investment made with the intention of increasing the money that can be made with the facility, ultimately leading to the upgrades that were invested in paying for themselves. We only use materials of the the highest quality to construct our boltless shelving units and we guarantee your satisfaction with our finished product. We will send one of our technicians to survey your facility and design a system that will best suit your scenario along with the involvement of the client. We truly aim to please and enhance with every job that we undertake. You really are in great hands with Custom Material Handling. Contact Custom Material Handling and make your facility more dynamic and have a boltless shelving system designed for you today!

Custom Material Handling, Boltless Shelving, Phoenix AZ

Custom Material Handling, Boltless Shelving, Phoenix AZ

Custom Material Handling, Boltless Shelving, Phoenix AZ

The Benefits of Boltless Shelving

Rivet or boltless shelving is an efficient and economical solution for storage.

Boltless shelving is a great solution for storage, especially in a storage or warehouse setting; simply because it gives you a lot of storage for a really affordable price. Below are some benefits that come with boltless shelving.

More Efficient, Easier Assembly

Boltless shelving is exactly what it is: there are no special equipment, bolts or clips needed to assemble it. This gives you an easier, less confusing assembly in half the time. Additionally, because of the easy assembly and only a few parts, it lowers the cost of shipping and assembly.


Boltless shelving is a very versatile option simply because it can be modified for different configurations. Almost like a mix and match storage option. Since there are no sway panels or braces, you can get easy access to the shelves from any direction which lets you use all the space you need.


Whenever you are storing things, you want to ensure that your shelves can handle the weight. Many boltless shelving options will offer either wire decking or particle board on shelves, which are very durable and are able to stand the normal wear and tear of storage.


Boltless shelving is actually more customizable than other shelving styles. You are able to order them in varying heights with your number of levels. The shelves are all adjustable, which makes it easy to switch inventory or adjust levels for various sized items. Every shelving level can be structured to accommodate various large items.

Product Visibility

Everything that is stored on this industrial shelving will be visible, instead of pallet or large bin storage which makes it really hard to find what you need. Boltless shelving will often improve the order process, simply because you can see what you have and what you don’t.

Unique Item Storage

Some common items that you may find on boltless shelving are computer parts, fabric rolls, carpet or even archives. No need to begin stacking bulky items or put them on pallets which makes it harder to find and get. Oddly shaped or bulky items which can be stored efficiently on boltless shelving. Additionally, storing breakable or fragile items has been made easier and the costs of damaged goods is lowered.

Thrifty Way To More Space

Shelving units are considered more affordable than other warehouse racking. Boltless shelving can also be stored more closely together unlike pallet racking because it increases your floor space. Boltless shelving allows you to invest in a great storage solution that gives your room in your warehouse, which allows for growth.

Easy Installation

Setting up a wall mounted shelf requires a handyman, wall drilling and anchors and several prayers. When you install a boltless shelf, there is just a need for 10 minutes and some muscles. This means it goes up fast and stays strong but also can be disassembled if it needs to be moved.

Reduced Maintenance

Nuts can stick, and bolts often rust. Who really wants to deal with the issues of Mother Nature and time? Whenever you have to rearrange an office or the factory floor has to be redone, boltless shelving will be easy to take apart and really quick to move.

Phoenix Industrial Boltless Shelving

If you are looking for a Phoenix metro area industrial shelving company that sells, installs, and maintains boltless shelving, Custom Material Handling can handle all of your industrial needs. We will give you boltless shelving options that will give you all of these benefits. They are easy to assemble, give you a durable, yet versatile solution for storage anywhere from record rooms to large industrial warehouses. If you have questions or are ready to get started ordering your boltless shelving please call us at (480) 829-7232.

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Are you searching for “Boltless shelving Arizona“? If so Custom Material Handling has everything you need to get started or add more storage to your facility.
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