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Maximizing Warehouse Storage Space

If you are looking for warehouse storage space optimization techniques, how to maximize warehouse storage space, or how to organize a warehouse, this post should help! One of the first and hardest things to address is if you can reduce space used, by focusing on your inventories age and liquidating your overstock. Here are some examples to help you maximize your warehouse storage space. Maximizing your warehouse storage space not only saves your inventory from getting overstocked but also will save you time and money in the long run.

Where To Start

Measure your storage outline in terms of your capacity and usage. Completely understand the flow and utilization of your current layout, including your rack configuration, slotting/pick reasoning, receiving, put away, replenishment, inventory management, [...]

new pallets vs used pallets

Are you searching for “new pallet racking vs used pallet racking?” There are many of factors to think about when pallet shopping for used or new pallet racks. This post explains some of the variations between the two and should help you make your decision. A lot of warehouses will often choose to use a pallet racking system that will help to get the most out of their storage space that is available.

New Pallets vs Used Pallets

One of the first rules of business is to actively meet the needs of your customers, as this is critical for any business to have success. In order to do that, your company needs adequate storage space to hold all its goods and guarantee they [...]

Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

Are you searching Google for “types of warehouse storage systems?  If so, Custom Material Handling can help! Call us today at and see what Custom Material Handling can do for you. Contact us today and get started on what type of warehouse storage system best suits your needs. You can also reach us by phone by [...]

Custom Pallet Racking Benefits If you're searching for "Custom Pallet Racking Benefits" you're probably trying to understand the importance of investing in new material handling warehouse storage systems. At Custom Material Handling, we understand the numerous advantages of custom pallet raking racking systems, but if you haven’t purchased pallet racks before, it could be a complicated first time decision.Regardless of whether you are a small or medium business, or a large enterprise, handy work spaces and a whole host of other benefits pallet racking provides makes it an ideal investment. If you haven’t availed a pallet racking service before and are unfamiliar to all that it has to offer, read on as we list all that you could be missing on. The first rule of business is to efficiently meet the demands of your customers, as this is essential for any business to succeed. And in order to do that, a company needs sufficient storage space to [...]
Types of Pallet Racks If you are searching for "Types Of Pallet Racks" you are probably looking for new warehouse storage solutions. From high volume warehouses to small business storage the proper storage of goods and raw materials is the key to keeping your staff safe, preventing damage to the product, and increasing efficiency. Many warehouses will often prefer to use a pallet racking system that helps to maximize the storage space that they have available. Although, while these types of systems have a lot of storage advantages, there will need to be a lot of considerations when you think about adding pallet racking to your warehouse. They come in different systems, depending on your needs, and it can be hard to pick what type of you will need for your warehouse. In order to make this easier, below is a breakdown of the common types of pallet racking systems: Cantilever Racking This is a type of racking that is mainly used for storing long products like plastic piping, steel rods, and timber. The racking is ma [...]
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