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new pallets vs used pallets

Are you searching for “new pallet racking vs used pallet racking?” There are many of factors to think about when pallet shopping for used or new pallet racks. This post explains some of the variations between the two and should help you make your decision. A lot of warehouses will often choose to use a pallet racking system that will help to get the most out of their storage space that is available.

New Pallets vs Used Pallets

One of the first rules of business is to actively meet the needs of your customers, as this is critical for any business to have success. In order to do that, your company needs adequate storage space to hold all its goods and guarantee they [...]

Warehouse workers know that if there is space available in a warehouse that it will eventually get filled, even during slow production periods.

The most common reasons warehouses run out of storage space is due to:
  • Growing too quickly
  • Peak seasons of production
  • Consolidating the facility
  • Slow production periods
  • Buying bulk products at discount prices

Although, there are 3 main reasons why you might have a deficiency in space in your warehouse. The first reason is having too much of the wrong inventory. Also, there are cases where having too much of the right inventory can take up too much space as well. The 3rd and most common reason warehouse’s run out of storage space is from disorganization and not using the space wisely.

To be able to address these situations properly, you must first know what your warehouse issues are and what creates that issue. Let’s first take a look at too [...]

Types of Warehouse Storage Systems

Are you searching Google for “types of warehouse storage systems?  If so, Custom Material Handling can help! Call us today at and see what Custom Material Handling can do for you. Contact us today and get started on what type of warehouse storage system best suits your needs. You can also reach us by phone by [...]

What is Industrial Mezzanine If you're searching for "what is industrial mezzanine for warehouses" you're probably trying to understand the importance of investing in a mezzanine. At Custom Material Handling, we understand the numerous benefits of mezzanines, but if you haven’t purchased one before, it could be a complicated first time choice. Industrial Mezzanine: What is it? An industrial mezzanine floor system is an elevated storage platform for a warehouse that is installed between the floor and the ceiling. Commonly, these steel structures are free-standing and can be dismantled and moved easily. Industrial mezzanines are usually composed of stainless steel or carbon. The flooring will vary based upon your specific use, but it is often made of steel, wood product finished floor or b-decking. Mezzanines can also be designed to make room for concrete flooring surfaces. Mezzanine systems in a warehouse atmosphere are an effective way to increase work or storage space by allowing you to make the most of the unus [...]
Warehouse Solutions Phoenix A SUPERIOR EXPERIENCE Warehouse Solutions Phoenix CUSTOM STORAGE SYSTEMS Storage Solutions Phoenix SATISFACTION GUARANTEED Are you looking to increase storage space? Or re-configure or re-redesign the layout of your current storage system to gain more space? Custom Material Handling can assist!! Custom Material Handling offers an assortment of warehouse storage solutions and supply room storage solutions including warehouse shelving such as: RiveTier Boltless Shelving, Pacific Shelving, Deluxe Box Shelf Syst [...]


Benefits of Mezzanines

Are you searching Google for “benefits of mezzanines?  If so, Custom Material Handling can help! Call us today at and see what Custom Material Handling can do for you. Contact us today and get started on what type of warehouse storage system best suits your needs. You can also reach us by phone by calling 480-829-7232.

Benefits of Mezzanines

A mezzanine system is portable and can be easily redesigned and modified. A steel mezzanine can be repositioned within the building or reconfigured off-site as your warehouse demands change.If you have been looking for a way to expand the amount of floor space your facility has without a costly warehouse overhaul, or maybe if you’re just contemplating purchasing a mezzanine but need to be a convinced just little more of their benefits and conveniences, here’s a [...]

At Custom Material Handling, we supply and design top end shelving and rack systems that can add organization and ergonomic flexibility to any operation and facility. We design and install custom systems for both new and already existing/renovated facilities and we use a broad range of new and used materials and equipment. We offer Cantilever, New and Used Pallet Racks, Boltless Shelves and Mezzanine Storage options.

We always keep our prices competitive and we strive to build trusting relationships with each one of our clients. Custom Material Handling is your go to source for shelving and rack needs, no matter the size of your facility or operation.


Frequently Asked Material Handling Questions Phoenix | Custom Material Handling 480-829-7232   Which Is Stronger? Structural Or Roll Formed Columns? What determines the amount that a braced column section will bend when a load is applied is called the moment of inertia. It is expressed with reference to the bending axis, and in forklift impact, deeper columns will have much greater bending resistance. Column depths more important than the material thickness or the column width, and as a result, if a structural and roll formed column of equivalent capacities have these loadings applied, the structural will temporarily bend, or deflect, up to seven times as much as would the roll formed section. In terms of failure caused by overload, this relationship holds. A roll formed column of an equivalent capacity is approximately four times as strong in failure as the structural section, meaning that the structural column will tolerate only one-quarter of the force of the roll formed column before the deflection above becomes permanent deformation. It is obvious that that the roll formed column dents more easily than the structural, it isn’t considered “damaged” unt [...]
If you are searching for the phrase “new pallet racking”, Custom Material Handling, Inc. can help! When you are ready to buy new pallet racks in Phoenix, call Custom Material Handling, Inc., today at 480-829-7232 for service. New Pallet Racks Phoenix, Arizona Pallet Racks are a very important part of all material handling projects and facilities. Having a way to organize, prioritize and store important materials is extremely beneficial to any operation that requires any kind of material storage. We have experience in all types and styles of pallet racking, including, but not limited to, rollform, structural, drive-in, drive through, pallet flow, package flow, and cantilevered. We have safely installed racking up to 30' in height and in warehouses that range up to 1,000,000 square feet. No project is truly too big or too small. Our experienced team of experts can truly handle any pallet racking undertaking for any facility of any size. We help design the layout of your pallet racking system after coming out an [...]
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