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Are you looking to increase storage space? Or re-configure or re-redesign the layout of your current storage system to gain more space? Custom Material Handling can assist!!

Custom Material Handling offers an assortment of warehouse storage solutions and supply room storage solutions including warehouse shelving such as: RiveTier Boltless Shelving, Pacific Shelving, Deluxe Box Shelf System, Industrial Structures, Open and Closed Shelving, Mezzanines, Cat Walks, Canopies, Break Rooms and Warehouse Shelving Racks such as: Selective Pallet Racks, Push Back Racks, Cantilever Racking, Drive in Racks, Pallet Flows, Carton Flows, Pick Modules, Structural Racks, Used Racks and Case Flow Racks. We also provide New Pallet Racks, Used Pallet Racks, Industrial Shelving, Industrial Bolt-Less Shelving and more… Custom Material Handling has helped customers increase storage space and save labor costs by decreasing loading and unloading times since 2001.


Warehouse Relocation – We can help you disassemble your storage racks and shelves, transport them to the new location and put them back together. This saves man hours during the move, where you can focus on maintaining customer service.

Warehouse Expansion – There’s nothing better a business can hear but that they need more space. This means business is good and more space is needed. We can come out and help you decide what kind of storage solution is best for the expansion and whatever types of products you need to keep handy on site.

Warehouse Safety – Safety is first in every operation. It saves lives, it prevents injuries, and it keeps product safe. Custom Material Handing can help make sure your storage system in OSHA compliant and is still in good repair. Accidents due to tools or structures that are not maintained can be a liability nightmare for business owners and managers.

Whether you’re relocating, you need more space in your production or warehouse facility, your business is growing, or your just concerned about warehouse safety, Custom Material Handling is here to help!

Custom Material Handling is ready to address and offer solutions to your material handling needs. Every type of business has different products, chemicals, tools, and storage needs. Custom means we can tailor your storage solutions to offer you the best use of space in your warehouse. The more you can safely store, and the more organized it is, the easier it is to do business.

We are supplier of material handling equipment, storage solutions and more. We have the right storage equipment for the job and the professional experience to design perfect storage systems for any business type. Material handing equipment is available upon request. Forklifts, product pickers, and pallet jacks are the moving parts in any storage system.

Having the right warehouse storage system can optimize processes, increase storage space, improve your supplier & customer relationships, reduce operational expenses, better balance inventory and increase the safety of your employees.


We Design Storage Shelving, Racks, & Pallet Rack Systems For Any Business

“Your Professional Organization Specialists”


Layout & Design Of New Storage Solutions
New & Used Pallet Racks – Steel Fabrication – Rack Repairs

Warehouse Storage Solutions – Supply Room Storage Systems – Installation

* 8-10′ Racking – Many Name Brands In Stock

warehouse storage solutions industrial shelving phoenix az warehouse storage solutions industrial shelving phoenix az

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